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New album from Martin Lind is a movie

Insulae, which will be released on the second of July 2021, is the second album from Martin Lind and thus the sequel to the debut solo album Metanoia from 2019. In a way, it is not an album at all. At least not in the usual sense. Insulae is rather a sound film without a picture, and the album must be listened to as such. The length is adapted to the LP vinyl format, which is 2 × 17 minutes, and the album is intended as one long story with start and end. Insulae contains i.a. references to James Blake, Depeche Mode, Joy Division, Nile Rodgers and Beethoven’s piano sonatas – and is inspired by the Russian film director Tarkovsky’s image, sound and rock language. Insulae is deliberately not thought of in genres, but more as a narrative where the emphasis is on writing music that underpins an emotional narrative and cognition. If you still want to describe it in terms of genre, Insulae is a mix of Alternative Rock, TripHop, Trap, Electronica, Dark Ambient, IDM and Plunderphonics. Martin Lind has written, recorded and mixed Insulae himself.


Kunstner: Martin Lind
Titel: Insulae
Label: Hathor/Gateway
Release: 2. Juli 2021
Katalognummer : HATHOR2020-02

  1. The Night Is White Martin Lind 3:42
  2. Let's Dream Together Martin Lind 1:49
  3. Despondence Martin Lind 4:00
  4. Unique Isolation Martin Lind 5:16
  5. Who You Gonna Call? Martin Lind 1:41
  6. Heavens Overhead Martin Lind 4:04
  7. Never Leave The Boat Martin Lind 2:52
  8. Anteroom Martin Lind 0:43
  9. One Way Solitude Voyage Martin Lind 3:14
  10. Farewell Martin Lind 2:54
  11. We're The Music Makers Martin Lind 3:40
  12. Insula Continous Mix Martin Lind 34:00

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